Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am posting this notice So that everyone knows what's going on. Last Sunday, the neighbors on Love Circle and I met informally. I wanted to hear their concerns and share the information that I had. I wanted everyone to be up to date. The meeting was productive with about a dozen neighbors present.

Neighbor concerns included:

I emphasized that: 1) it will be important for the neighborhood association to be involved in the engineering process for the gas drilling, 2) the neighborhood association needs to form a gas committee with representatives from each part of the NA. It will help with the negotiations for those who own minerals as well as address environmental concerns of everyone.

Since Love Circle is not on city water and the neighbors get their water from wells, the issue of clean water was foremost. Questions about the water included:
How will drilling affect well water?
Will it contaminate the water?
Will drilling use ground water? If so, will this drain the wells?

Water and sewer installation on Love Circle:
About half the people were anxious for water and sewer to arrive. About half wanted to wait.
Are water and sewer going to be installed at the same time?
Will property owners be compelled to hook up?

Nature Center changes:
Is the nature center planning on adding a new entrance on Love Circle?
Is the nature center planning on banning boats north of Jacksboro Highway?

Will dredging affect the docks?

Neighbors are tired of pornography blowing into the park.

I have not heard from the engineering department this week. As I learn more, I will post it here. The blog contains a long list of questions that already have been submitted by neighbors. You may want to review these and add more. Please post your questions soon. I will be submitting a question list in the near future. The more questions I can get answers to, the better.

Also, anyone who would like to serve on the gas committee, please let me know. I will be posting a date for a neighborhood meeting. We will elect the committee at that time.

Michael Dallas