Tuesday, March 4, 2008

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Dear Neighbors:

This morning, I spoke with Jean Petr, Land Lease Agent for the City of Fort Worth on the Gas Lease Program. I expressed the neighbors' concerns about the impending gas drilling. Given the intense concerns among neighbors, I specifically asked her whether drilling locations under consideration include Peninsula Club Circle and Love Circle Park. I also expressed my concern that the decision-making process (about where to put wells and equipment) be open and inclusive of neighborhood participation.

She said that (for now at least):

1) The city is following the rules on the 600 foot distances and prohibition of drilling in parks.
2) Peninsula Club Circle does not qualify as a drill site since it is within 600 feet of residences.
3) Love Circle does not qualify for drilling since it is a park.
4) Other potential locations have been identified that would get the gas out from under our part of the lake.
5) The city plans on requiring "closed-loop systems" (instead of "ponds") to minimize environmental impact and chance of pollution.
6) The city's drilling plan is to start the engineering at the south shore of the lake. The city engineers will work around the lake taking "chunks" of the land in sequence. Our "chunk" of land probably will not be ready for engineering until next year.
7) She will be talking to her superiors as to how the engineering department will communicate with us as the decision making process moves forward. She suggested that maps might be provided by the city with potential drilling locations. She also suggested that email notices may be sent to us as events develop.

As I learn more, I will let you know. Please send your questions and suggestions by replying to this email. Your comments will be sent to everyone who is participating (currently about 28 email addresses) and will appear at http://www.SSNAGas.com.


Michael Dallas
Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association
Private email: MDallas@ScenicShores.net