Wednesday, June 4, 2008

South Lake Worth is Getting Offers

Gale Cupp, Steering Committee Chair of the Neighborhood Association of South Lake Worth has notified me that our neighbors down there have been getting gas offers. I would encourage everyone to get your friends and neighbors plugged in to what is going on. If they want to receive these emails, they can send me a quick note at Offers should start in our area before the end of the year.

Michael Dallas

Here is Gale's email to her people:

From: Gale Cupp Date: Sun, May 18, 2008 at 12:43 PM
Subject: NASLW: It's Now Here: Negotiations for Gas Drilling/South Shore

Sunday Morning, May 18, 2008

Hello All,

Since November 2005, we residents have known that the gas drillers would start to get serious with offers for lease signing bonuses..... That time has now arrived with several property owners that own their mineral rights receiving letters this weekend from an agent for XTO.

All of us have witnessed on the news these past many months neighborhood groups staying together to negotiate the very best terms for such leases.....and those of us on the South Shore are now faced with similar decisions. Recall our meetings in the past that have emphasized that all of us in the south shore Association area can benefit by virtue of improvements we could negotiate with the developer of the drilling site. The competitiveness of financial offers of lease bonus and royalty interests to mineral rights owners is of major importance as well as:
Weighing the offers/benefits to our neighborhood (many of us don't have mineral ownership) in terms of

(1) Impact on property values

(2) Neighborhood Improvements

(3) Protection and enhancement of our quality of life

(4) Maintenance of environment (including anything to help us advocate for Lake Worth improvements)

PLEASE consider these things and evaluate this against any individual gains that one property owner might be able to get negotiating individually. And consider that if we stick together as ONE VOICE, the benefits will markedly impact us all. I urge that the check draft in the recent mailing not be cashed yet.....rather, let's meet as one voice to discuss potential options. This has been what other Neighborhoods have done thru'out the City..... so PLEASE>>DO NOT SIGN An Individual LEASE YET.

NASLW Steering Committee will arrange for an open meeting shortly to discuss options. It is possible we could benefit from legal Counsel on such lease terms, and that is a part of the process that has been successful with other Neighborhoods. So, look for a meeting announcement very soon.
What a wonderful opportunity we have to improve Lake Worth and right outside our doors, preserve the green space we all enjoy.

Gale Cupp*, Steering Committee Chair